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We thrive on sharing our passion for helping Small-to-Medium businesses, from startups to £Multi-million turnover, review their businesses, grow, develop and thrive.

Our consultants will take a “snapshot” of your business; how it is performing against targets and Performance Indicators, what resource and skills gaps you may have, how well you are using your management information and how you govern your organisation. This will give you a good insight into the changes that you may need to take, to become more efficient, or to develop into new markets, or just as a benchmark against your competitors. Read more
To make the most of your efforts and reach the next milestone, you need to make sure that your Finances are in order. We can give you a snapshot, at any given time, of the progress of your business. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and are led by people with a range of skill sets and for many the finance function leaves them in a bit of a cold sweat… You can’t expect to build a profitable business if you’re not sure where your money is coming from or where it is being spent! Read more
An In-Depth analysis of your organisation’s performance reporting, covering Business Targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & P&L. This analysis is more in-depth and will uncover organisation challenges and performance issues relating to staff, processes, strategies and market approach. It will look at how you measure and evaluate performance and how you obtain buy-in from staff, partners and stakeholders. Read more
An In-Depth analysis of your organisation’s governance, covering management reporting to and relationships with your Directors / Shareholders. This work analyses your organisation’s overall leadership structure and matches it to your governance approach, whether with Exec Directors, Shareholders and/or Non-Exec Directors. The work will uncover mis-matches with skills, culture, stakeholder & client management and more.. Read more
An In-Depth analysis of your Business Plan, Business Development Pipeline, Marketing and Communications Strategy and Plans. This work encompasses the body of your business and focuses on being able to fully articulate what it is you want to do, why, how and with whom. This analysis will give you a better understanding of how to match your products or services to your market needs and then who to target for your business.. Read more
An In-Depth analysis of your staffing and business support arrangements, covering several areas. This work will need access to your staff and their working practices, processes, job-descriptions and performance over an agreed period. The work should highlight any cultural and operational differences in staff versus management perceptions, as well as challenges with capability, capacity and development needs. Read more
An In-Depth analysis of your business processes, their fit with your business and the buy-in from staff and your Directors / Shareholders . This work focuses on exactly what you do to make your business run. It looks for efficiencies and improvements, including systems integration where possible; it analyses and evaluates how much your staff know about your processes, whether they buy-in to your practices and considers learning from other businesses with a similar focus. Read more
Our unique 5 minute diagnostic is a useful starting point for you as business owners and leaders to gain insights on your current business status. Simply answer the questions to rate your performance in each of the key areas of your business. Read more
“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
Scott Belsky