Business Growth Consultant

Business Review / Health Check with 12m ongoing support

We understand the challenges of attempting to grow a business. In particular, we understand the pressures of constantly trying to improve performance and productivity, to provide for structured and stable business growth.

When commissioned to support the growth of a company, we focus immediately on the three key elements of any business: Finance, People & Process.

Once we get under the skin of your business, we are able to use our experience and skills to help you formulate a Growth Path, analysing & evaluating the various strands of your business, recommending and implementing changes to achieve improvements.

We undertake an Independent Review of the business, resulting in a short report covering Opportunities for improvement, Challenges to overcome, Risks, Mitigation & Contingencies and Culture change.

We consider immediate cashflow & funding requirements, business structure, Sales / Business Development Pipelines & Markets, Staff Skills, Performance Management and Staff-retention Mechanisms, giving recommendations for change in the following areas.

Business recovery and growth diagram
The Review will result in a brief, targeted report, highlighting areas of good performance, as well as those in need of improvement, with an Action Plan and expected timescales to enable the company to Grow sustainably in a timely manner.

Ongoing Growth Support

We also offer a package of support to implement the recommended changes, for a suggested period of 12 months thereafter, ensuring delivery of key tasks, knowledge transfer to the management team and buy-in from the whole staff team.

Ad-hoc support

We are often asked to support the growth of new ideas or markets in a business. To do this, we must understand your business properly, but we also know that you might initially just want ad-hoc support to make changes and improvements in key areas, rather than commit immediately to a longer course-of-action.

We are experienced at troubleshooting and pin-pointing issues, risks and challenges for business growth and targeting short, sharp interventions to kick-start growth once more.