Business Exit Strategy

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Our business exit strategy is based on an initial Pre-Due-Diligence Review of the business, covering key areas, which will form part of any potential buyer’s Due Diligence Process.

About 6 months before the sale process is to begin, our consultants will introduce one of our Company Sale partners to evaluate your readiness for sale and to provide a valuation for your business. The Sale process is outside the scope of this assignment and will be proposed for and costed separately at that time.

The Review will result in a brief, targeted report, highlighting areas of good performance, as well as those in need of improvement, to obtain the best possible price for the business when sold. It will cover the following areas:

One of the main outcomes from this review is to set-out the requirements for a database of key information that will be required for prospective purchasers
business exit strategy

12m ongoing support

The Pre-Due-Diligence Review is followed by regular, targeted support thereafter, for a suggested 12-month period, but ideally up to the period where the business is ready for sale.

With this support, we aim to maximise the efficiency & effectiveness of the business, leading to greater productivity, greater profitability & thus increased value.